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Your Voice builds Success

Do you notice when your voice supports you?

Have you, at times, experienced how your voice can limit your success?

These two issues occur hand-in-hand and, with a flicker of uncertainty or surprise in your voice’s regular habits.  Those that you rely on for spoken word success, can falter under pressure or tension.

When this occurs, do you know how to recover quickly?

If not, read on….   Many of the people I work with as a Voice Technique Coach approach me because of particular habit or trigger which they have noticed in some spoken word contexts.

This habit draws attention away from their message to the habit itself… a longer pause than usual, a louder or softer voice, a croak or crackle in the throat, a change in energy or tempo…

Any and all of these habits can shift audiences’ attention away from the message and towards the voice of the speaker.

If you are not sure of how to recover from this type of audience distraction, consider this as a way of securing your ability to manage your voice in the moments immediately following the lapse in attention. For example:

Harry became aware of high anxiety levels in some strategic meetings.  Working with Sandra he noticed the change in the quality and impact of his voice and learnt how to manage its change in quality before it became a distraction.

Su knows that when she is under pressure she speaks very rapidly. She worked with Sandra to learnt how to slow down her pace of speech when her heart was racing and she was rushing to finish her spoken word thought process.

Jack was new to strategic technical meetings and chose to be silent for much of the time.  When he did speak, his voice was caught in his throat so he said very little.  As time passed he noticed he was being overlooked as a contributor even though he had been invited to attend these meetings as a rising star in his organisation.  By working with Sandra he overcome constraining vocal habits and is now a department manager.

If these examples ring true to you, submit your audio snapshot via the link alongside this post, and get your customised Voice Impact Strategy underway.

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