Yes, it has been a while…

This acknowledgment, made to me a few days ago, can carry a weight of meanings and interpretations.  It all depends on how it is said… and then, how it is interpreted…  For that particular conversation, re-connection was central to a successful conversation.

Take a moment now to examine how you have responded to unexpected requests.  How did those conversations unfold?  Were they successful, confusing, unproductive…. the list could be endless!

Choosing how to respond to a potentially critical opening gambit is central to your communication success.

Here are some options:

  • Glide beyond the possible critique with “I’m pleased to hear from you now…”
  • Acknowledge the comment with a neutral comment like “I see” or “Yes, I noticed”
  • Invite detail with “Tell me more…”

Each of these strategies will keep the door open to communication and facilitate interactive conversation…. provided the tone of your voice as you speak, sounds open, ready or eager to hear more. In this context, your tone indicates that you are open to further conversation.

Remember this: While your message content is important, the tone of your voice  communicates to your communication partner your state of being, your level of attention and your willingness to take part in an interaction.

You can become ‘switched onto’ your tone by being switched onto your state of being.. and to your changing states of being… as you move through your day. In other words, being able to notice how you are feeling as the communication occurs and unfolds.

You can override a potentially ‘flat’ or ‘negative’ tone by taking a moment to consider how you want your message to be received and interpreted by those around you.  That moment is all you need to adjust your state of being, should you choose to do so!

The success of your communication rests on the choices you make in the moment and across your day. Tune in to how you sound as you speak to change the success of your message outcomes.



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