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What is the key to influencing

At a recent event, I was asked by a medical specialist who, on hearing what I do for influencers and leaders, wondered how he could better influence his patients to make lifestyle changes that would contribute to improved health outcomes.

The answer is universal: ‘What is in it for each individual to make the recommended changes?’

For each one of us, these answers would be different.  We have has different drivers, diverse purposes, a range of commitments and individual bucket lists.  Identifying, knowing and remaining true to our priorities and desires are as individual as we are.

“There needs to be something in it for them, to make the changes you recommend.”

“But I don’t know them well enough…  well some of them I do… could I ask them?… Yes, I could ask them…  And those I do not know well enough… aaahhhh, I see… other questions work…. hmmm…  I watched as he answered his own questions and considered solutions….  It was fascinating!

In summary, remember to:

  • Ask questions that are relevant to each individual
  • Be sure that your questions advance understanding and reveal ways forward
  • Know which questions will work with different individuals and groups
  • Keep your voice warm, connected and collaborative as you speak

Give it a try!


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