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‘What does ‘Confidence’ sound like?’

This fabulous question came up during a conversation about “Voice – an Essential Tool of Leadership” with a group of managers.

A confident voice is at ease with the sound of itself and how it is coming across to others.

This includes:

  • how it transmits the message in alignment with the speaker’s purpose
  • how it is managed by the speaker as they share their message and explore concepts
  • how it behaves when the speaker is challenged, questioned and asked for clarifications
  • how it shifts across the speaker’s vocal range in alignment with the content, discussions and mood changes of the speaker and their audience

This is why I encourage leaders, managers and influencers to fully explore their unique voices and the behaviours manifested in their voices across a range of situations and circumstances.

For each leader, speaker and influencer, the voice will draw on and demonstrate a range of behaviour choices.  Some will be useful, others less so.

By knowing your voice and how it behaves across a range of situations and circumstances you will be better placed to make on-the-spot adjustments.

This will ensure that your message aligns with the purpose of the content and your desired outcomes as a leader, manager and influencer.

Get in touch if you want to explore how your vocal and verbal choices influence your success at work!

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