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Voice & Word Products

This page introduces public programs and resources that relate to voice and spoken word impact in professional contexts.

Following this is a D.I.Y. segment in which to find a list of ready-to-purchase e-books.

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Public Programs on Offer

Virtual Program – Make Diction and Accent Changes

Work at your own pace in a confidential environment and make the changes you desire to your diction, accent and spoken word clarity. Address particular challenges with the virtual support of an experienced voice coach.  Find out more and register for the current program.

D.I.Y Solutions

Here are a selection of ready-to-purchase e-books and self-directed learning options.

Timing and Content Ratios

Do tight time frames limit your choice of content? Have you ever been ‘gonged’ for speaking over time?  Find out how you can speak quality content and be within time.

This tested material has recently been updated to include 5, 15 and 30 minute speaking slots. It is a favourite! And it is customised to each purchaser and their unique requirements.

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Anxiety – It’s normal and natural

Yes, this is true.  Some anxiety is expected and natural.  And there is something you can do about it.

  • Know how you can help yourself as you prepare for a significant business event
  • Secure improved outcomes
  • Build your confidence before an event
  • Diminish tendencies of self-doubt and internal questioning

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Stretch – Release body tension, secure your breath, release your voice

We all carry tension within our bodies. We become so accustomed to it, we overlook its symptoms as we go about life and work. The stretches in this e-book will help you to identify and release tension in your body so that you are able to breathe for voice and deliver your message clearly, confidently and with style.

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Could you and your voice do with an Energy Boost?

Demanding, busy lives mean that there are times when we feel depleted, wrung out and flat. There is something that you can do about it. By identifying your unique energy sappers, you will be able to refresh, renew and regenerate yourself during your day.

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