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Voice and Waves

It is mid-winter in Melbourne with time, over the weekend, to walk along the bay. Blustery weather; icy winds; confused currents and unpredictable changes in wind direction made for a challenging and invigorating walk! While walking it struck me that there is much in common between this wintry weather and aspects of interpersonal communication. Can [...]

Voice and Permission

Look up the definition of ‘permission’ and you are likely to find this, among other phrases: ‘the act of allowing…’ For a moment, consider what you allow your voice to do each day.  Create a list of ‘allowed behaviours’. Now consider what you don’t allow your voice to do as you go about your work and [...]

Diction Development

The rich resources found in children’s literature are wonderful for giving adult voices vitality and spirit. By tapping into picture books and early readers, adults can uncover hidden talents in their voices. Take the time.  Invest in your voice and your clear speech.  And enjoy the results! Have a go at this excerpt from ‘Fox [...]

Do you shout to be heard?

On a recent after-school pick-up I was again reminded how commanding each voice can be. At first, there was an inaudible conversation between a mother and her kinder-aged-child as they ambled slowly across the school yard towards a bank of classrooms. For the child, there was much to explore along the way.  Soon, absorbed in [...]