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When energy is lost, can you restore it?

We all have those days… We have to be focused, switched-on, fully alert and able to change topics swiftly, smoothly, with style and confidence. Yet, for some reason, you are lagging behind the conversation. Dull-headed.      Uninspired.      Distracted.     Off-topic.   Disconnected.     Unable to contribute. A Voice Re-Boot Session could help you [...]

Purpose in 2020

The 24/7/365 news updates are now part of how we live.  Yes, we do need to know what is happening around us, within our contexts and to people who come into our spheres of influence and daily activity. Simultaneously, these vast swathes of information that demand our immediate, ‘always on’ attention have the capacity to [...]

Three Gifts for your Voice

As we approach the end of this year, look back and consider what worked well, what could work better and which changes will you put in place to achieve different outcomes. This year, across my client base and beyond it, I noticed: a significant increase in stress levels a steady rise in self-critque and self-recrimination [...]

What is the key to influencing

At a recent event, I was asked by a medical specialist who, on hearing what I do for influencers and leaders, wondered how he could better influence his patients to make lifestyle changes that would contribute to improved health outcomes. The answer is universal: ‘What is in it for each individual to make the recommended [...]