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Free your Voice via Stress Release

When we are uncertain, tense and going through difficult times, we need techniques to help us reduce the pressure of anxiety on our bodies and minds. During the Covid-19 epidemic, I have turned to tried and tested relaxation and release exercises which were given to me by my first voice teacher.  She seemed to be [...]

Mood, Voice and Reality

“Hello-how-are-you.” This short greeting takes on new meanings when times are challenging and people are concerned, troubled and fearful. When said flat and fast, as an opening gambit or greeting, there is little attention given to the meaning of the message. When said with relevant care, attention and interest, it opens a dialogue that could [...]

Markers of Vocal Confidence

In this series of posts, I open for exploration particular voice behaviours that communicate, via the sound of each unique voice, that the speaker is confident. When we attend presentations, briefings, updates and sales events,there are expectations that we have of the speaker or speakers presenting at the event. Each of us have unique expectations [...]

In the deep end?

When faced with significant change, there are times when it feels as if each one of us is paddling frantically, in the deep end of a sometimes murky pool. This year has continued to feel that way, starting with a demanding and destructive spring and summer, moving through to the current heath crisis. When will [...]