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Heal your Voice – yoga breathing exercise

Here we go again! Welcome to wintry weather in the southern hemisphere… Clouds, cold winds, squalls, driving rain, dramatic drops in temperature.  And, snow! And, in public places and on public transport, coughs, colds, congestion and eventually, various versions of ‘flu. You’ve succumbed to the latest lurgy.  You are feeling dreadful and want relief from [...]

Plan for Success via Voice

I’ve said it many times previously: the majority of people in business and the professions take their voices for granted. They expect that their voice will turn up and deliver. They do this without fully understanding how the voice works physiologically. They don’t know how to sustain voice every day and in demanding circumstances. You [...]

Yes, it has been a while…

This acknowledgment, made to me a few days ago, can carry a weight of meanings and interpretations.  It all depends on how it is said… and then, how it is interpreted…  For that particular conversation, re-connection was central to a successful conversation. Take a moment now to examine how you have responded to unexpected requests.  [...]

In the Heat of the Moment

We’ve all been here… The group is gathered to address a particular event, concern, issue. Everyone present has something to say. Side conversations break out.  Voices rise.  A few dominate…. others interrupt and some drop out, choosing to watch, listen and gather their thoughts. Then someone throws a conversation firecracker into the mix. Stunned silence… [...]