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Voice production in contained voices

The post that hosts this link has been been prompted by a number of people calling to explore the meaning that is attached to a ‘contained voice’. While interpretations of  ‘a contained voice’ may vary, the impact of containment gives the impression that: The voice is held towards the back in the mouth or in [...]

Consider Your Small Screen Voice

With many of us meeting and presenting online, and with this trend continuing as we work from home either regularly or sporadically, now is the time to attend to your ‘small screen’ voice. Here is what I’ve noticed  with recent webinar presenters: Voice production is contained Voice placement is reduced Voice projection fluctuates across the [...]

How is your voice heard… by you and by others?

Now here is a challenge! As individuals, when we speak, we hear our voices from within our bodies. When others listen to us when we speak, they hear our voices in the context of the meeting or conference room. There is a significant difference between these contexts.  If not accounted for, the differences can mean [...]

Celebrate your Voice

This has been a challenging, confronting and gloomy year across the globe. And, for most of us, changes have had to be made – in our lives, to our work contexts, within our families and at home. The impact of global change plays out in large and small individual decisions that we make from moment [...]