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How much information is just right?

Time after time, this question has arisen in client and colleague conversations where it has taken on added resonance in the context of Covid-driven online meetings, remote team discussions and mobile chat vs email client briefings. I recall my lecturers hammering home the idea of 3-5 points maximum with a strong opening statement or compelling [...]

Voice in Lock-Down

Throughout Melbourne’s lockdown, I have been chatting with colleagues and clients. Most have recognised that their voices have had to take strong steps forward to make an impact when leading and taking part in online meetings and group discussions. It is no surprise to me that the consensus is: more vocal energy increases attention more [...]

Auto-pilot is your voice’s enemy

We have all heard it… and each of us has done it sporadically, even regularly, across our careers. I’m talking about Auto-Pilot… the tendency to rattle off information that you are familiar with in a meeting, during a conversation and as a presenter. Auto-Pilot cuts across spoken word contexts that include the content you are [...]

Do you work in a noisy environment?

This post arose from an online conversation where the context was how best to have essential conversations in a noisy production-line environment. The manager of the team had noticed that staff members repeatedly endured sore throats, coughing fits and hoarse voices. In production lines and manufacturing contexts, noise-levels can rise to dangerous levels which cause [...]