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Connect mood with movement in your voice

Here are snippets of recent conversations with clients: ‘Something wasn’t quite right.. she said it didn’t matter… but she sounded like it did!’ ‘I was distracted by the noise. The audience heard it too… It took a few moments to get back on track and pick up the thread again.’ ‘When the laughter stopped, there [...]

Understand your Voice – Relationship

Your voice is a major player in your relationships with people.  Within each conversation, it has the capacity to communicate your state of being, your position on a topic and a thread of attitude and emotive changes that you move through, as you speak. This is true for both public and personal arenas. Your voice [...]

The art of anticipation

You’ve been asked to speak at an event on behalf of your organisation. You’re prepared, you’ve rehearsed, received feedback and adjusted the content as required. You are ready to go! As anticipation and excitement mount, you notice your mouth feels dry, you lips are pinched and your throat is tight. What can you do to [...]

Be heard, be noticed, be commanding

As a recently appointed strategic leader or department head, you need to ensure that your presence is seen, felt and heard.  Your communication style, your physical carriage, your movement and gestures; your stillness and your actions work as a team to create your presence. A critical component of your presence is your voice.  It is [...]