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Give the ‘Gift of Silence’

In this post, explore how you can use silence to create contribution.

Emotions and Voice

Megan and Andrew work as a team on a range of legal matters for small and medium business owners. In this context, the fast pace, constant change and high-alert readiness for opportunity, contributes to highs and lows in emotions for them and their clients. As colleagues, they are familiar with each other’s communication styles and [...]

Voice quality and delivery choices

How do leaders and influencers manage any potential conflict or tension between each unique voice’s quality, vocal style and delivery choices?  To answer this, we need to examine the relationship between a speaker’s voice quality and how that speaker manages the voice itself in the moment of speaking. In ideal circumstances, the speaker’s purpose aligns with [...]

Clarity and The Voice Wheel®

For a moment, set aside the clear speech strategies that arise in coaching sessions with international clients. Your ability to being clear as a speaker is central to the comprehension and interpretation of your spoken word messages. Thus, ‘Clarity’ is not limited to how the speaker sounds as they speak. Clarity includes the audience’s ability [...]