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Quality and Quantity – are they a team?

At the moment, it is spring in Melbourne and the rainbow lorikeets have returned. We can hear and see them all around us where we live.  Bird-lovers, and those in the know, have told me that nesting pairs can produce up to three broods per season.  No wonder they make such a fuss! I notice them [...]

Be present to your voice

This comes up again and again and again. Why is it that people complain, criticise and actively (or passively) dislike their voices? One reason that I consistently put forward is this: We hear our voice quality from within our bodies as we speak.  From this perspective, the voice sounds fuller, richer and more dynamic than [...]

Heal your Voice – yoga breathing exercise

Here we go again! Welcome to wintry weather in the southern hemisphere… Clouds, cold winds, squalls, driving rain, dramatic drops in temperature.  And, snow! And, in public places and on public transport, coughs, colds, congestion and eventually, various versions of ‘flu. You’ve succumbed to the latest lurgy.  You are feeling dreadful and want relief from [...]

Plan for Success via Voice

I’ve said it many times previously: the majority of people in business and the professions take their voices for granted. They expect that their voice will turn up and deliver. They do this without fully understanding how the voice works physiologically. They don’t know how to sustain voice every day and in demanding circumstances. You [...]