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Do you work in a noisy environment?

This post arose from an online conversation where the context was how best to have essential conversations in a noisy production-line environment. The manager of the team had noticed that staff members repeatedly endured sore throats, coughing fits and hoarse voices. In production lines and manufacturing contexts, noise-levels can rise to dangerous levels which cause [...]

How safe is your voice from inadvertent harm?

How safe is your voice from inadvertent harm?” I asked this question of a client who sought help for her voice in the context of her role as a high-profile spokesperson in her organisation. Together, we examined the impact of tight schedules, short deadlines, constant innovation and rapid, continuous changes at work on how her [...]

Advance your Career via Voice Purpose and Impact

When you speak and each time you speak, your words, how you speak them and how your voice sounds as you say them, all collaborate to make an impact. Too often, I have noticed in meetings that individuals take their unique voice and its ability to hold interest, engage and convince, for granted. They assume [...]

Weather Changes and Voice Care

Winter has arrived with a vengeance! Icy wind, rain squalls and single digit temperatures remind us that summer is long gone and snow, ice and layers of clothing are the order of our current days in the southern hemisphere. It is time to take care of your voice in the months ahead.  Below this post [...]