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In the Heat of the Moment

We’ve all been here… The group is gathered to address a particular event, concern, issue. Everyone present has something to say. Side conversations break out.  Voices rise.  A few dominate…. others interrupt and some drop out, choosing to watch, listen and gather their thoughts. Then someone throws a conversation firecracker into the mix. Stunned silence… [...]

‘What does ‘Confidence’ sound like?’

This fabulous question came up during a conversation about “Voice – an Essential Tool of Leadership” with a group of managers. A confident voice is at ease with the sound of itself and how it is coming across to others. This includes: how it transmits the message in alignment with the speaker’s purpose how it [...]

Connect mood with movement in your voice

Here are snippets of recent conversations with clients: ‘Something wasn’t quite right.. she said it didn’t matter… but she sounded like it did!’ ‘I was distracted by the noise. The audience heard it too… It took a few moments to get back on track and pick up the thread again.’ ‘When the laughter stopped, there [...]

Understand your Voice – Relationship

Your voice is a major player in your relationships with people.  Within each conversation, it has the capacity to communicate your state of being, your position on a topic and a thread of attitude and emotive changes that you move through, as you speak. This is true for both public and personal arenas. Your voice [...]