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Voice Capacity and Status

This challenging topic arises when people discover that the ways in which they have used their voices in the past no longer serve them in current situations. In addition, voice capacity comes into play when a person of perceived lesser status needs to set boundaries and standards in their communication and interactions with people of [...]

In a ‘Voice Comfort Zone’?

Yes, it is easy to find a comfort zone and remain in it. Things are working; life is travelling smoothly; you can relax, enjoy, coast. And then… IT happens. You are brought to sharp attention by a short, brutal shock! What you said was misinterpreted. Undervalued. Misunderstood. Overlooked. And, across the board, it made things [...]

Pay Attention

Activity is everywhere. In in business and busyness, in speed, in distractions, juggling and multi-tasking and during conversations. Particularly conversations. Notice what happens when you and your communication partner drift off the topic that is unfolding in the space between you. Can you overcome these: misinterpretations confusion assumptions mood-shifts argument disconnection My Grade 3 teacher [...]

How can I…..?

When you receive a ‘how’ question, what is your immediate response? Is there a ‘state-of-being’ that arises as a result of the question? And, if so, what name would or could you give to that ‘state-of-being’? When I asked this question at a group event earlier this year, it led to passionate discussion! Some participants [...]