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“I am” versus “I will”

The arrival of a new year brings out a rash of resolutions, intentions and purposes…. which steadily dissolve and disappear. How would it be if intentions were replaced by actions? And what would the results be, if a series of actions unfolded across the evolving year? Setting the intention is not enough.  Stating you ‘will [...]

Reality and The 4Cs

Throughout each year, there are individuals who face confronting challenges. Some of these relate to unique voice behaviours and vocal patterns, others illuminate a range of verbal habits that distract attention away from the message, in the moment that it is being delivered by the speaker. This post celebrates the focus and determination of people [...]

Connecting under Pressure

It was a business meeting designed to bring a diverse group of professionals together. The purpose of the meeting was to explore opportunities, find compatibility across complementary and diverse services and make strategic business connections. The organisers’ purpose was to examine the impact of time-frames and contexts on a group of people as they interacted [...]

Voice Capacity and Status

This challenging topic arises when people discover that the ways in which they have used their voices in the past no longer serve them in current situations. In addition, voice capacity comes into play when a person of perceived lesser status needs to set boundaries and standards in their communication and interactions with people of [...]