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Your Voice builds Success

Do you notice when your voice supports you? Have you, at times, experienced how your voice can limit your success? These two issues occur hand-in-hand and, with a flicker of uncertainty or surprise in your voice’s regular habits.  Those that you rely on for spoken word success, can falter under pressure or tension. When this [...]

What caused that??

Yes, there are times when the sound of one’s voice takes us by surprise… Just last week, I was speaking to a concerned colleague who called me for help.  During a tense and demanding conversation, her voice, as she put it, ‘dropped out.. was ‘missing in action’. “It has never happened before, Sandra! It just [...]

Put sight, sound and sensation in your voice

To get more out of your voice, let’s take spoken word techniques right back to basics! Words are made up of a collection of sounds. We hear the words and identify their meaning because we know the individual sounds in the language that we speak. We also know how the collection of sounds change across words [...]

Quality and Quantity – are they a team?

At the moment, it is spring in Melbourne and the rainbow lorikeets have returned. We can hear and see them all around us where we live.  Bird-lovers, and those in the know, have told me that nesting pairs can produce up to three broods per season.  No wonder they make such a fuss! I notice them [...]