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Voice production in contained voices

The post that hosts this link has been been prompted by a number of people calling to explore the meaning that is attached to a ‘contained voice’.

While interpretations of  ‘a contained voice’ may vary, the impact of containment gives the impression that:

  • The voice is held towards the back in the mouth or in the throat
  • The voice’s power, reach and audibility are limited
  • The voice’s potential for expression and variety in delivery choices are confined to such an extent that the voice sounds dull, predictable and repetitive

The outcome of ‘vocal containment’ means that the audience tunes out and switches attention away from the message and towards the repetitive droning of the voice, itself.

If you are seeking a solution to this habit, get in touch to explore how you can keep your voice switched on, energetic and full of vocal variety each time you speak!

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