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Voice in Delivery Master Class

On completing your Active Voice Intensive Program, you can continue to advance, consolidate and expand your vocal impact.

Use the Voice in Delivery Master Class option to organise solo coaching sessions with Sandra Baigel as required.

This strategy enables you to sustain, adapt and expand your voice’s impact and reach throughout your career.

To do this:

  • submit a current snapshot via the link on this page
  • and, at any stage in your career
  • work one-to-one with your voice technique coach, Sandra Baigel

Past clients welcome the chance to revisit, review and refresh their unique Active Voice Intensive Strategies via a customised Voice-in-Delivery Solo Master Class.

Use this approach to invigorate your vocal/verbal impact in the context of new, complex and evolving material that is relevant to your audiences at work.

Continue to expand your vocal skills.  Polish your style.

Apply delivery skills that enhance content uptake.

As your career progresses, review, revise and invigorate your vocal and verbal strategies, so that you are able to use your voice to create vivid word pictures that influenceconvince and sell across your suite of communication tools.

Galvanise your spoken word impact.

Invest in yourself and your career via a solo Voice-in-Delivery Solo Master Class.

Submit your audio snapshot via the link on this page.