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Voice and Waves

It is mid-winter in Melbourne with time, over the weekend, to walk along the bay.

Blustery weather; icy winds; confused currents and unpredictable changes in wind direction made for a challenging and invigorating walk!

While walking, it struck me that there is much in common between wintry weather and blustery aspects of interpersonal communication.

  • Can you tell which way the wind is blowing?
  • How unpredictable is it?
  • Is it a zephyr or a howling gale?
  • When will it turn?
  • In what direction will it go?
  • How can you manage the changes from tempest to calm?
  • What steps will you take as you work your way through the changes?

Being able to notice and respond to people and their changes in state throughout conversations demands skill.

In fact, drawing on a range of skills across each conversation, enables communicators to achieve strategies and outcomes for sustained conversations no matter what their ‘weather’ brings!.

Learn how to ‘manage the weather’ across your interactions at work. You will be able to steer through storms, sustain relationships and confirm strategies and outcomes.

Contact Sandra via email for more details of this recently launched program.



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