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Understand your Voice – Relationship

Your voice is a major player in your relationships with people.  Within each conversation, it has the capacity to communicate your state of being, your position on a topic and a thread of attitude and emotive changes that you move through, as you speak.

This is true for both public and personal arenas.

Your voice is present in each interaction. Its patterns and processes are noticed, remembered and anticipated.  First, notice these key points:

  • Your voice’s impact changes as your thoughts, moods and choices in delivery and expression alter
  • Your voice shifts its vitality and intensity from moment to moment
  • Your voice is responsive to implications and moods
  • From moment to moment, your voice has the capacity to consolidate or break bonds

Now, consider these questions:

  • How readily does your voice bridge the gap between you and your communication partner?
  • How and when does it change in relation to pitch, tone and volume?
  • What influences its clarity and reach?
  • How responsive is its expression in relation to your thoughts, feelings and actions?
  • When, where, how and why does it let you down?
  • How does your voice behave when you are uncertain, under pressure, disillusioned and distracted?

mouthApart from demonstrating that you are in command and control, your voice continuously plays its part in building, sustaining and re-establishing rapport. This is a finely-tuned balancing act!

The few questions listed here will begin your personal examination on how the quality of your voice influences conversation outcomes.

I invite you to capture your responses to the questions and ideas in this post.

Then, via a snapshot, ask me how your voice can advance its abilities as a relationship-builder.  You’ll find the snapshot link on the right-hand side of this page.

Of course, I look forward to hearing from you.

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