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To Whisper… or not?

There are some inconsistencies in recommendations when speakers who have lost their voices are told ‘Don’t whisper’.

To put whispering in perspective here are some guidelines that I follow:

Have you lost your voice temporarily?

Is this due to a cold, an infection, the ‘flu or similar?

If so, don’t whisper.

Take time away from work and rest yourself and your voice.

Be aware that the act of whispering distorts to the shape of the glottis which is already under pressure from congestion or infection.  The glottis is the opening or space, created by the gap between the vocal folds which are taking up the position to create voice.

It is essential that you visit your GP for a confirmed diagnosis and follow their instructions.

Don’t ever delay taking action on voice loss.

Do you have periodic episodes of voice loss across 3 months, 6 months or a year?

It is vital that you visit a voice health specialist who will be recommended via your General Practitioner.

These specialists are able to conduct tests to examine the cause of the voice loss and recommend best options for treatments.

In these circumstances, some specialists will say that whispering is appropriate provided that you don’t overdo it.

Again, don’t ever delay taking action on voice loss.  Take it seriously and visit your Doctor.

It is far better to discover what is happening to you and your voice than avoiding it under the banner of ‘It will improve.’

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