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The art of anticipation

You’ve been asked to speak at an event on behalf of your organisation.

You’re prepared, you’ve rehearsed, received feedback and adjusted the content as required.

You are ready to go!

As anticipation and excitement mount, you notice your mouth feels dry, you lips are pinched and your throat is tight.

What can you do to release this natural anticipation of performance as you approach the podium?

First, embrace your physiology.  Have a sip of water before walking out towards your audience.     As you walk, be upright and easy.   Notice and enjoy the rhythms of your body as your arms swing and your legs carry you forward,

Become aware that your jaw is relaxed not clenched.  Notice that your upper and lower teeth are free of contact with each other.  Feel a soft smile on your lips and enjoy your upright, easy, open stance.

Then, notice the smooth and even in-and-out flow of your breath as you walk towards the podium.

Observe that your shoulders are relaxed and your rib-cage swing is enabling the relaxed, easy flow of your breath, in and out of your body; honing your voice preparation for speaking.

Now that you are facing your audience, remember that the key to your vocal impact is the same relaxed, rhythmic breath management.

Notice the relationship between your in-breath and the movement of the diaphragm. This muscle is central to your voice projection strategies.

As the diaphragm returns to its position at rest, your exhaled breath serves as the driver of your voice, its resonance, its reach and its vitality in your spoken word impact.

By exploring how best to manage the the context surrounding the breath-to-voice relationship, you will reach your audience with your entire voice.

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