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Solo Voice Review and Refresher by request – Past Clients

There are times when you need a just-in-time update, a skills refresher or an independent review of your spoken word style and choices.

This service enables:

  • Past clients to review their voice technique impact and refresh their spoken word skills and voice behaviours
  • Current clients, who have completed specific Voice & Word programs within the last 2 years, to refresh their style and sustain the changes they have made

You may find that the stakes are higher because your role has changed.

Recently, this was true for ‘Sally’ who, after her promotion to a senior role, noticed some of her old speaking habits emerge, particularly when she was under pressure to influence stakeholders.

Do you face fierce competition in your role at work?

‘Simon’, a leader in the Banking and Finance sector, noticed emerging competition in the next generation of leaders. He wanted to keep his ‘edge’. Thus he invested in his immediate future with a Voice-in-Delivery and sustained his influence and reach at work.

Are you working with new information and want test how your vocal expression is coming across to different audiences?

‘Matt is a senior technician in charge of a laboratory. New equipment in his environment meant that vital voice skills were necessary for giving clear, direct instructions. His voice review helped him to sharpen his word choices and bring conviction to his voice.’

Have you noticed that previous habits are creeping into your voice and its style?

‘It is challenging to sustain changes made two years previously and more. When she reviewed a video of her board presentation, Carmen noticed old habits creeping into her voice impact and delivery choices. It was time for a refresher!’

Do you want an impartial outsider to review your voice and its impact?

‘As the CEO of his growing company, Daniel wanted to receive comments and coaching from an outsider. The review and refresher service was his chosen option after completing his customised program.’

If so, book your review today by submitting your Audio Snapshot to Sandra.