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‘Revved-Up-Voices’ – Online Voice Workshop for Marketing, Service and Sales Specialists

Welcome!  You’ve arrived at this page via a website article or link published by voice technique coach, Sandra Baigel.

This online program is offered to people who are struggling with tired, stressed, tense and over-used voices.

It targets Voice Release Solutions for:

  • Sales and Marketing Influencers and Leaders who, every day, speak with clients and colleagues at on-site meetings and via web and mobile services
  • Customer Service Managers and Staff who solve complex problems, address client queries and resolve client issues on-site and via client calls
  • Retail Staff who meet, greet and influence customer decisions all day, every day
  • Marketing, Sales and Service professionals whose voices need to be energetic, vibrant and ‘always ON’
  • Small business people who use their voices to connect and convince each time they speak

Your options are:

  • Email Sandra to secure your place in the next Voice Release virtual program
  • Contact Sandra via email to secure preferred dates for your team

During the workshop we cover:

  • The 3 essentials that keep your voices healthy, energetic and alive all day
  • Easy Voice Warm-Ups that sustain Voice Health
  • Strategies that enable you to be clear and confident no matter what the circumstances