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Reality and The 4Cs

Throughout each year, there are individuals who face confronting challenges.

Some of these relate to unique voice behaviours and vocal patterns, others illuminate a range of verbal habits that distract attention away from the message, in the moment that it is being delivered by the speaker.

This post celebrates the focus and determination of people who realise that their current vocal and verbal impact is working against them.  They recognise that a few limitations impinge on their capacity to engage, sustain attention and bring people with them, as they speak.

For each person the challenge, or set of challenges, is unique.

Taking the first step to make changes requires courage; first in the recognition of the need for change; then in the act of learning new techniques and adopting different habits.

What ensues, is the integration of specific habits and behaviours that are destined to improve the outcomes of their spoken word events. This part of the process can be inconsistent, slow and frustrating.

Rewards follow when individuals feed changes with the recognition of their growing capacity and the courage to continue the work.

In turn, this leads to advancing the clarity of their purpose when speaking. This enables increased awareness of the words they are choosing to use and how they are being said, as they speak.

At that point, their insight and learning advances to the extent that they can predict the likelihood of unique, specific habits.  These habits can be identified and adjusted before they appear in the voice and their speech patterns.  In turn, this advances a growth in confidence which embeds itself in the vocal mechanism and their spoken word style.

Congratulations to all of you who have been on this path, have recognised the need, made the changes and now celebrate the results of your attention and effort. I wish each one of you ongoing success in 2019 and beyond!

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