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Quality and Quantity – are they a team?

At the moment, it is spring in Melbourne and the rainbow lorikeets have returned.

We can hear and see them all around us where we live.  Bird-lovers, and those in the know, have told me that nesting pairs can produce up to three broods per season.  No wonder they make such a fuss!

I notice them particularly because of their raucous calling in the trees around our home.

They certainly draw attention to themselves with their stunning plumage  …. and their screeching and squawking!

These birds got me thinking about how each voice draws attention to itself via its unique sound.  Is it the quality of the sound, its quantity, or a mixture of both that holds our attention,or distracts us, when others speak?

It is true that ‘sound’ can be interpreted as ‘noise’ when it comes across as a distraction, a disturbance, and a distortion. In many circumstances we hear voice as sound before we tune into the voice itself, then interpret it… and attend to its message.

It is during this process that we can be distracted from the message by the quality and impact of the voice on our ears.

Quantity of sound does not help us to tune in to the message when the quality of the sound is drowning out our hearing.

Knowing how to balance the relationship between quality and quantity is central to each speaker’s success from the podium, in meetings and in conversation. Is right now the time for you to address the intricate balance between quality and quantity in your voice?

If so, you’re invited to send me an audio snapshot from the link on this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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