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Purpose in 2020

The 24/7/365 news updates are now part of how we live.  Yes, we do need to know what is happening around us, within our contexts and to people who come into our spheres of influence and daily activity.

Simultaneously, these vast swathes of information that demand our immediate, ‘always on’ attention have the capacity to swamp, overwhelm and trap us in the headlights of messages which need to be noticed.

I see the steady increase of information overload and its impact on clients, colleagues and connections.  The overload of information plays out in disconnection and distraction that manifests in each voice of each speaker.

When our attention is disconnected from the content we are delivering, the voice disconnects from the purpose of the message.  In turn, this reduces the purpose and meaning of the message, which the speaker is hoping to impart.  In many situations, vocal disconnection results in a flat fast delivery, limited vocal variety and lackluster use of language, expression and vocal delivery choices.

From the audiences’ perspectives, the speaker sounds bored, disinterested and disconnected from the content being delivered.

My wish for readers’ voices this year is that you actively avoid the ‘always on’ trap and make it your purpose in 2020 to sound connected and engaged whenever and wherever you speak.

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