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Presentation – How much and how little and how long

Here is something else to consider if you find you are being asked to deliver a presentation at work, in your industry and for your interest group.

How much is too much?  How much can you leave out? What aspects can you set aside for another time? By how much can you stretch it out when there is too little to say?

Your content is not about how much to deliver, but about the most apt selection of material for this particular audience in the time that is available for the event.

The less time you have to speak, the more actively you need to know your purpose in speaking.

Combine your understanding of purpose with what this audience wants to hear at this particular time. This will enable you to select relevant information that applies immediately to this unique event.

Ultimately, “What you say” morphs into the more important concept of “How you say it”. It is the rapport and engagement with your audience that is paramount in spoken word contexts.

A presentation is one small aspect of a larger, longer conversation. One that takes place beyond the speaker’s platform.

If your concern relates to content and timing, this may help you.

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