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Pay Attention

Activity is everywhere. In in business and busyness, in speed, in distractions, juggling and multi-tasking and during conversations.

Particularly conversations.

Notice what happens when you and your communication partner drift off the topic that is unfolding in the space between you. Can you overcome these:

  • misinterpretations
  • confusion
  • assumptions
  • mood-shifts
  • argument
  • disconnection

My Grade 3 teacher was an imposing woman with a large, booming voice. She was skilled at engaging and holding the attention of 26 easily-distracted 7 and 8 year-olds. She ‘knew’ when events were about to go off-course. She ‘could tell’ when there was a change in the mood of the group and its sub-groups. And, without fail, she was able to respond to and manage her responses to those changes.

How did she do this?

The ability to anticipate, identify and shift changes in moods and mood intensities has, at its heart, the flexible, interactive and volatile relationship between voice, language and feelings. Combine this with ‘knowing your audience’ and you have a winning formula for communication success.

By knowing more about your voice, by hearing it manifest across your ‘mood-scape’, by noticing its contributions and by managing its limitations you, too, can command attention, engage and influence those around you.

Start with a voice snapshot to explore how best you can invest in the untapped potential of your voice at work and in your life. You’ll find the link on the right-hand side of this page.

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