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Markers of Vocal Confidence

In this series of posts, I open for exploration particular voice behaviours that communicate, via the sound of each unique voice, that the speaker is confident.

When we attend presentations, briefings, updates and sales events,there are expectations that we have of the speaker or speakers presenting at the event.

Each of us have unique expectations and, as members of an organisation, a group or an event, we measure the speakers we hear against those expectations.  For example:

  • Can I hear the speaker?
  • Does what is said make sense to me?  If not, why not and if yes, why has that come about?
  • How is the content relevant to me?
  • How can I contribute?

When preparing for a spoken word event within or beyond your organisation, keep this list of strategic questions in mind.

And remember this vital tip:

When you are preparing content, speak it out loud even at the very start, when you begin developing the content. By hearing your voice say it, you will develop key vocal behaviours. Particularly those that communicate your unique conviction and commitment to the message you deliver.

If you have not yet explored your voice’s capacity to influence, consider this as .a starting point for your vocal impact development.

Remember, as a past client, you can always review and refresh your voice’s impact, clarity and conviction via this customised, confidential solution.

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