Leaders’ PD

Voice for Leaders, Managers and Influencers

As a voice technique coach, Sandra Baigel urges executives, leaders and influencers across scientific, engineering and technical fields as well as business and the professions, to get to know their voices intimately.

When working with individual clients, Sandra demonstrates how to:

  • Identify, appreciate and apply each individual voice’s unique strengths
  • Use voice with clear intention
  • Uncover and release each unique voice’s potential

She asks: “What relationship do you have with your voice?”

Via the audio snapshot service you can explore  your voice and engage in a customised program that best suits you and your requirements.

Here is Sandra’s offer to you:

“In Melbourne, work with me on your fully customised program, delivered to you, one-to-one at the Voice & Word Studio in Carnegie.    Do you live and work interstate?    Do you travel overseas for work?    If so, your customised program is adjusted to suit a range of virtual contexts. Within your confidential program, you address specific aspects relating to your use of voice technique, vocal expression, diction and accent as they apply to you.  You get what you need to achieve your desired results.”

Take this step forward today:

  • Submit your audio snapshot via the link on this page
  • As a past client, request a Voice Wheel Analysis to review your current vocal impact
  • Invest in a customised accent adjustment and clear speech program designed for international leaders and managers
  • Expand your ability to influence others via your unique voice’s ACE Factor
  • Get to know your voice and be able to release its strengths each time you speak

Now it is over to you. Submit your audio snapshot via the link on this page.