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Just-in-Time Review

Welcome!  What drew your attention to the Just-in-Time Review page?

Perhaps you are exploring this link because an important event is coming up in the weeks or months ahead.

It could be a strategic meeting where you want to make a strong, enduring impact. One that will advance your career, highlight your position as an influencer and secure your status as a strategic leader.

Then again, as a past or recent client of Voice & Word, you’ve noticed unwanted changes creeping into your voice.

Is a smidgen of rustiness distorting your voice and your vocal style?

Maybe previously conquered patterns are, once more, emerging in your language choices, your delivery style, your voice impact. The ones you worked on so diligently to eliminate…

It could be that you recognise that you could do better in your current spoken word contexts….

In addition, you want a 100% confidential, honest review of what you say and how you will say it.

One that that takes into account your past progress with Voice & Word and expands your success into the future.

It is a review that confirms the strategies, techniques and skills you’ve developed  in previous coaching sessions are primed, in place and ready to serve you.

You want to ensure that your voice is full of vitality and ready for action.

For you, this is the right service at the right time for the right event.

Call or email Sandra now, to check diary availability and reserve your solo, confidential review service at a time that works for you.

Yes, you can submit an audio snapshot via the link alongside this. As you brief Sandra via your snapshot, you will simultaneously update her on your current voice impact and style.

This customised service gives you best-possible results at a cost-effective executive coaching rate.