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Influence via Strategic Voice

With your professional career operating in full view, you are urged to target specific outcomes.

In particular, those key voice habits which relate to your unique voice’s ability to engage, influence and motivate others to action.

Influence via Strategic Voice‘ is informed by an individual’s Voice Wheel Review.

It is fully customised for Directors and Department Heads who must achieve business results through the efforts of the people that they lead.

Ignoring the limitations of and the challenges in your unique voice is not an option for you as a Strategic Influencer.

You need to:

  • take your voice seriously
  • know where it holds you back
  • identify how to project your unique voice as a compelling, convincing leader.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you know how your voice sounds whenever and wherever you speak?
  • Is ‘near-enough good-enough’ for you in your current role?
  • How would you describe your voice to others?
  • Is your voice engaging, interesting and motivating?
  • Are there times when your voice sounds tired, tense, disconnected or disinterested?
  • Have you ever considered whether and where your voice lets you down?

Each voice has the ability to shift mindsets, move people closer to outcomes and achieve results through collaborative effort.

Get insights and take action on your voice’s potential to influence action and outcomes through others.

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