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Increase ‘The ACE Factor’ in your voice

Explore, Activate and Influence via your ACE Factor

‘The ACE Factor’ approach to voice in spoken word contexts is  a unique strategic coaching solution for executives and technical specialists.

Throughout the program, you will release your untapped vocal potential, enrich your spoken word impact and deliver key messages with clarity and purpose.

You will draw your attention to how your voice communicates your authority and credibility as a leader.

You will examine how your voice and spoken word skills and strategies build and expand your capacity for engagement.

At the program’s close, you will know precisely how to leverage your unique and entire vocal presence and use it with your authority, credibility and engagement skills in place, each time you speak.

With your The ACE Factor in place, you will simultaneously:

Hold attention > Stimulate minds > Captivate emotions > Gain commitment > Drive action > Get results.

Take Action

Determine your current ACE Factor’ as follows:

  1. Prepare a 4-minute spoken word piece that captures your purpose at work as a leader, technical specialist or entrepreneur
  2. Open the link to the audio snapshot service on this page
  3. Clearly say your name and give your contact number
  4. Speak your content and complete the requested details
  5. Send an email to Sandra Baigel to receive a copy of  your audio file

The .wav file of your recording goes to a secure, 100% confidential folder in Sandra’s personal computer. After listening to your audio snapshot,  she will contact you to have a conversation about her findings. Together, you will explore next steps.

Sandra says

Comments from previous participants

“At last, people sit up, focus and follow what I say.” Marketing Director.

“No more drifting off when I speak to the figures. I can now make them interesting!” Finance Director.

“Improved Board Attention.” Not-for-Profit Chairman.

“The right amount of detail, a clear strategic overview and my voice’s presence make a difference.” Software Engineer.