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“I am” versus “I will”

The arrival of a new year brings out a rash of resolutions, intentions and purposes…. which steadily dissolve and disappear.

How would it be if intentions were replaced by actions?

And what would the results be, if a series of actions unfolded across the evolving year?

Setting the intention is not enough.  Stating you ‘will do’ something is insufficient grist for action.

Taking a first step towards a new outcome, purpose, activity and similar is a useful start.

By finding the courage, the greater goal, the undefined deeper purpose so that you keep going… these are the motivating factors that make change sustainable, expansive and enduring.

Therefore I ask:

  1. ‘How do you want to be seen, heard and experienced as your career evolves, grows and expands across this year… and beyond?’
  2. ‘How do you want to be spoken about and referred to by colleagues, clients, mentors and leaders in your field of work?
  3. How do you want to be seen heard and experienced by the people in your personal life?
  4. Where are current gaps in the way you impact others in both spheres?
  5. Where is the potential for development, growth and change?

Answer these questions then set out, across 2019, to fulfill your leadership potential.

Attend to the qualities of ‘I am’ in alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Be seen, heard and experienced as whole, varied self, rather than the personas that others say you should be.

Remember that your voice, in all its aspects and in every moment, represents who you are being to others. In addition, via its behaviours, your voice builds or breaks relationships. Its emotive impact on others influences how you are heard, seen and experienced in your professional and personal spheres.

Make sure that in 2019, your voice is at the centre of everything you say; delivering your message in alignment with the purpose and outcomes you are expressing at that time.

Good wishes to all!

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