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How safe is your voice from inadvertent harm?

How safe is your voice from inadvertent harm?”

I asked this question of a client who sought help for her voice in the context of her role as a high-profile spokesperson in her organisation.

Together, we examined the impact of tight schedules, short deadlines, constant innovation and rapid, continuous changes at work on how her voice behaved across her day.

In addition, we explored the influence on her voice, of professional and personal requirements to be focused, attentive, engaging and commanding no matter what the circumstances.

Through the work we did together she is now able to:

  • hear changes in her voice as she speaks
  • adjust her state of being in the moment of speaking
  • re-set the quality and impact of her voice so that she speaks with confidence and conviction

Does this change in vocal ability strike you as something of value to you?

Will you and your career benefit from increased vocal ability at work?

Submit your audio snapshot to Sandra via the link on the right of this page.  Talk about your voice in that snapshot and remember to include your email address and contact number.  Together with Sandra you can chat about your voice and explore ways forward.

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