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How is your voice heard… by you and by others?

Now here is a challenge!

As individuals, when we speak, we hear our voices from within our bodies.

When others listen to us when we speak, they hear our voices in the context of the meeting or conference room.

There is a significant difference between these contexts.  If not accounted for, the differences can mean being heard with less substance and lower impact than we desire.

Your voice, when heard by yourself within your body, sounds more substantial, richer and fuller than you hear it when listening to a recording of yourself speaking.  This is normal! There is nothing wrong with you or your voice… unless you want to come across with greater richness, volume and resonance in your voice.

If a richer, fuller, more substantial impact is your desire, then learning how to project your voice with ease and strength is your vocal purpose. Also, you need to be able to identify how your voice feels as you speak, so that you avoid any vocal strain, excess tension or pitch fluctuations.

By getting used to how your voice sounds to others as you speak, and becoming aware of the differences across the inner listening spectrum will help you to better manage your vocal resonance as and when you speak.

Contact me if you want to know more about how to ensure your voice is heard in the way you wish it to be heard, by others!

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