How can I…..?

When you receive a ‘how’ question, what is your immediate response?

Is there a ‘state-of-being’ that arises as a result of the question?

And, if so, what name would or could you give to that ‘state-of-being’?
When I asked this question at a group event earlier this year, it led to passionate discussion!

  • Some participants noticed a rise in their curiosity.
  • Others ‘felt as if’ they were under pressure to give an answer.
  • A few took exception to the question
  • Some answered swiftly and spontaneously

What was interesting was that there was no ‘one-way’ to respond to a ‘how’ question.

This is because a ‘how’ question prompts examination – of self, of others, of the circumstances, of previous history, of changes in context and differences in purpose… the list goes on and on!

Are you able to notice and respond to changes in your voice, as you are speaking?  If not, why not?

This is a skill that is currently being taught to leaders and influencers who represent and speak out on behalf of their organisations, departments and teams. Contact Sandra for more details.

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