"Voice is vital in business contexts.

Its presence is felt, heard and noticed at the centre of each spoken communication. Voice influences how people react, connect and respond.

Yet, too often, a voice’s impact on business-building and strategic relationships is overlooked. When we consider our messages, we take ‘the voice’ for granted and remain ignorant of its potential. Then, we are surprised and disappointed when it lets us down!

As an ambitious professional, take this opportunity to examine your voice. Explore how to advance your voice’s unique ability to engage, influence and drive action. Know how to apply your voice to your spoken word contexts as a vibrant, interesting instrument that is easy on the ear.”

Sandra Baigel - Director of Voice & Word Pty Ltd

Sandra Baigel
Director of Voice & Word Pty Ltd

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Like anyone anywhere, you have the potential to draw on a range of voice techniques to achieve your clearly defined and unique spoken-word impact at work and in life. Are the voice choices you make in line with your purpose … or do they appear by chance?

If you are, in any way, unsure of the vocal impact you have on others, send Sandra an audio snapshot to get your confidential conversation with her underway.

Explore this sample of Voice & Word development options:

For Executives and Strategic Influencers, confidential and fully customised services in voice technique and spoken word impact draw on strategies within:

As an emerging leader and influencer, work with Sandra via any Virtual Voice Technique Program. Explore them here:

Take charge of your voice. Know what works well and what could work better. Expand your ability to influence outcomes in business and professional contexts. Submit your audio snapshot, advance your career and consolidate your influence and impact as a leader.