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Heal your Voice – yoga breathing exercise

Here we go again!

Welcome to wintry weather in the southern hemisphere…

Clouds, cold winds, squalls, driving rain, dramatic drops in temperature.  And, snow!

And, in public places and on public transport, coughs, colds, congestion and eventually, various versions of ‘flu.

You’ve succumbed to the latest lurgy.  You are feeling dreadful and want relief from a thick, heavy head and stuffy nose. You sound blocked up and croaky. Your voice lacks power.  Heal your voice with this yoga breathing exercise and get relief.

Recommendation: Do this exercise in a private space!

Here it is:

  • Block off your left nostril by placing your left forefinger firmly against the left side of your nose
  • Breathe in through your right nostril
  • Release your left finger and breathe out through the left nostril while blocking off your right nostril with your right forefinger against your nose

Now change direction and

  • Block off your right nostril by placing your right forefinger firmly against the right side of your nose
  • Breathe in through your left nostril
  • Release your right finger and breathe out through the right nostril while blocking off your left nostril with your left forefinger against your nose

Got it?!

Alternate sides to enable air flow.

If the nasal blockage is significant and has spread across your sinuses, nose and throat:

  1. steam over a bowl of warm to hot water to release the congestion
  2. follow that with the yoga exercise
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