Free your Voice via Stress Release

When we are uncertain, tense and going through difficult times, we need techniques to help us reduce the pressure of anxiety on our bodies and minds.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, I have turned to tried and tested relaxation and release exercises which were given to me by my first voice teacher.  She seemed to be able to ‘sense’ or ‘read’ when her students were out-of-sorts, anxious or stressed.

Of course what she was doing was reading our body language, our gestures and our voice impact as we walked into class or delivered prepared or impromptu spoken-word material to her.

In addition, she knew how to use her voice to soothe, calm and draw attention to what was required in each moment of interaction with a group or solo students.

The Full Body Relaxation exercise has proved its worth in past and present times. Listen here:

If you are seeking broader and more detailed resources, explore this page for targeted solutions.

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