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Emotions and Voice

Megan and Andrew work as a team on a range of legal matters for small and medium business owners. In this context, the fast pace, constant change and high-alert readiness for opportunity, contributes to highs and lows in emotions for them and their clients.

As colleagues, they are familiar with each other’s communication styles and preferences …. including how their voices are influenced by work pressures, professional frustrations and changes in their state of being during conversations.

In one intense client debrief, they realised that some of their voice habits were distracting.  As a result, their clients misinterpreted what they were saying.  Confusion, repetition and constant clarification frustrated all stakeholders.  How they sounded was counter-productive to their joint purpose – to assist their clients.

Together, they embarked on a Voice in Delivery Masterclass series at the Voice & Word studio,where they explored their individual vocal styles across a range of situations.  Currently, their insights include:

  • how to effect a change in the relationships generated across pace, pitch, tone and positive, neutral and negative emotions
  • that shifts in pause/pace balance turn positive to negative and vice versa
  • that changes to vocal volume influence interpretation of intention
  • that active and appropriate use of pitch and its range influences specific outcomes
  • how misplaced voice behaviours distort and damage communication and what can be done to change this

Contact Sandra if this sounds like a solution for your team of client advocates and influencers.  And yes, this program can be delivered via interactive video to your team!

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