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Do you work in a noisy environment?

This post arose from an online conversation where the context was how best to have essential conversations in a noisy production-line environment.

The manager of the team had noticed that staff members repeatedly endured sore throats, coughing fits and hoarse voices.

In production lines and manufacturing contexts, noise-levels can rise to dangerous levels which cause harm to workers’ hearing.  Wearing ear-protection is thus mandatory.  People working in this environment run the risk of damaging their vocal mechanism if they frequently find themselves ‘shouting over the factory noise’.

The first line of defense is to avoid doing harm by buffering noise, meeting away from the factory floor and monitoring air quality.

The solution for this group was to:

  • Change the contexts of team updates
  • Add structure and time limitations to strategy meetings
  • Offer voice management techniques to team members and their managers

If this post is relevant to your work context, get in touch to explore your options.  For more insights, read earlier posts on this topic. You will find them below this update. 

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