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Desires for Voice – To Convince via Story

Story telling in societies is as ancient as early evidence of human life.

Since evolving our capacity to speak using voice as sound, we have applied ‘story’ to explain, illuminate, expand knowledge and teach our leaders, companions and next generations.

The art of story is particularly relevant in not-for-profit contexts.

Here, the potential for stories abounds. Pause...

Their use can elevate the status of NFPs to that of strategic solution providers.

If you speak up on behalf of a not-for-profit organisation, if you are a contributor to a not-for-profit and if you are a member of a not-for-profit choose to use your voice to tell stories about your organisation.

A voice fit for story-telling is a voice that operates with style and ease across its natural strengths.

For each of us, our vocal strengths are different.

To uncover the strengths in your voice, open the Google Chrome browser and submit an audio sample of your voice to me.  You can use a story you have as the content for your audio.  The link is alongside this. Provide your contact details so that I can share my observations with you.

In relation to strategic story, one simple structure comes up time and time again. Consider the growth, challenges or opportunities of your not for profit in the light of:

  • Where the organisation was, say, 15 years ago
  • Where it is now
  • Where it can be 10 years ahead of the present time

By using the structure of ‘Past, Present and Future’, you can build a picture of growth, change, development, innovation and opportunity.

Here’s a tip for readers who use story as a strategy in their communication at work:

  • Revisit the structure illustrated above
  • In that context, capture stories that emerge from yearly reviews

I guarantee you will never be short of a story to tell!

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