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‘Coy Voice’ Syndrome

Look up the meaning of ‘coy’ and you’ll find ‘pretense of ….’ in one of the definitions…

Also words like ‘artifice’ and ‘deliberate playfulness’ pepper the description of the word.

While this behavioural ploy may have had dubious relevance in previous eras, it is not to women’s advantage in these days and times.

And that includes in relaxed friendships as well as in professional contexts.

Yet, it peppers women’s conversations and interactions much like the vocal fry.

Stop it.

Drop it.

Get rid of it.

It does you no favours.

In fact, it marks you as someone who lacks substance and offers little potential for personal and professional influence and impact at work and in life.

Why do women fall back on these choices in voice behaviour?  Habit… lack of confidence… uncertainty… insecurity…. newness in a role… any and all of these situations can contribute to a return to voice actions modeled in previous generations.

If you are embarking on the next stage of your professional career and you recognise that you must increase your ability to use your voice with purpose, strength and impact each time you speak, this program will help you to achieve your professional and personal goals.




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