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Consider Your Small Screen Voice

With many of us meeting and presenting online, and with this trend continuing as we work from home either regularly or sporadically, now is the time to attend to your ‘small screen’ voice.

Here is what I’ve noticed  with recent webinar presenters:

  • Voice production is contained
  • Voice placement is reduced
  • Voice projection fluctuates across the presentation

It seems that that the ‘small screen context’ drives speakers to reduce their unique voice impact, cut back on vocal projection and limit their vocal variety.

If you have noticed any of these changes, it could be that the context of the small screen is prompting you to  contain or constrict your voice as you speak.

There are ways overcome these and other habits.

Get in touch with me, or, better still, submit an audio snapshot to me.  Remember to add your email address and a contact number in Australia.

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