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Clarity and The Voice Wheel®

For a moment, set aside the clear speech strategies that arise in coaching sessions with international clients.

Your ability to being clear as a speaker is central to the comprehension and interpretation of your spoken word messages.

Thus, ‘Clarity’ is not limited to how the speaker sounds as they speak.

Clarity includes the audience’s ability to:

  • See the strategic purpose of and feel the impact of each spoken word message through the speaker’s voice
  • Be engaged throughout the spoken word event so that they sustain and confirm their commitment to fulfilling the  message in line with the speaker’s intentions
  • Receive the message free of ambiguity
  • See how the message translates, via history and imagination, into reality

Thus the voice of the speaker, in all its facets, is an essential instrument for communicating thoughts, feelings, actions, direction and purpose.

Therefore, know, in detail, how your unique voice works.

Identify what you can do to enable its ability to deliver your message.

Ensure that your voice is congruent with your purpose and your content each time you speak.

With that in place, you can achieve strategic influence and business success.

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