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By invitation Audio Snapshot Page

Get feedback from Sandra Baigel on your voice and spoken word impact.

You’ve arrived at this page via a link from an exercise in a post on this site, or through an invitation from Sandra via an external website page or email update.

To complete your audio snapshot:

  1. Prepare the requested or your chosen material
  2. Remember to include your name and contact number in your message
  3. Record your message on your mobile phone or computer
  4. Email your recording to Sandra

Following her review, Sandra will get back to you with some commentary, feedback and recommended next steps.

Don’t hesitate. Previous voice technique candidates say:

“The snapshot was the best thing I did for myself. Before doing it, I did not realise how unpredictable my voice was. With Sandra’s feedback and help, I was able to overcome the patterns in my voice that were holding me back as a manager of a large team.”

“I did not like the way I spoke. Based on the snapshot exercise, Sandra was able to confirm how to use the strengths in my voice in one short coaching conversation.”

“I had very little confidence in the way I sounded. The snapshot exercise gave me courage to have a go.”

“Sandra was helpful and gave me clear directions on what to do and how to improve. From this experience, I continued to have coaching from Sandra even though I do not live in Australia.”

“I am now able to speak up clearly to my team. It is making a difference to my career.”