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Auto-pilot is your voice’s enemy

We have all heard it… and each of us has done it sporadically, even regularly, across our careers.

I’m talking about Auto-Pilot… the tendency to rattle off information that you are familiar with in a meeting, during a conversation and as a presenter. Auto-Pilot cuts across spoken word contexts that include the content you are speaking… the answer you are giving… the strategy you have used… even the top 3 comments you make when you speak up in a meeting!

When speakers, managers, leaders and influencers are on auto-pilot, their voices take on predictable and repetitive vocal patterns.

When these patterns are allowed to run unchecked, the sound of the speaker’s voice as they speak their message is flat, predictable and dull.

This happens because the voice has disconnected from the intention and the meaning of the message being spoken. Thus the message itself, falls flat.  And the purpose, intensity and impact of the message is lost to the audience.

Here is the challenge!  The more familiar the message is to the speaker and their audiences, the more actively we, as speakers,leaders, managers and influencers need to attend to the choices we make as we speak.

We cannot allow ourselves enter a state of auto-pilot!

We must find ways to tune into how we sound as we speak in order to keep our voices alive, alert and in tune with the message we are delivering in that particular moment.

This attention to the meaning and the purpose of the message in addition to the content being shared with the audience, enables us, as speakers, influencers, managers and leaders to apply all aspects of The Voice Wheel®  to our unique and enduring spoken-word style.

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