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Advance your Career via Voice Purpose and Impact

When you speak and each time you speak, your words, how you speak them and how your voice sounds as you say them, all collaborate to make an impact.

Too often, I have noticed in meetings that individuals take their unique voice and its ability to hold interest, engage and convince, for granted.

They assume that, each time they speak, their voice will show up in line with their purpose, their intention, their desired outcome.

This assumption is false.

It is false because unless the speaker is paying attention to the alignment of voice with the words they have chosen to use, the message will fail.

When each of us asks a question, makes a statement or contributes to conversation, there is an intricate and inevitable collaboration of the speaker’s voice with the words that the speaker has chosen to speak.

This collaboration secures the resulting impact of what they say.

In other words, the interactions between the voice and the spoken words of each and every speaker are critical to how their content is heard, absorbed and remembered by individual members of the audience.

If the interaction between the medium (voice) and the method (spoken word content) is broken or distorted,the message will be lost to the audience.

If you have noticed this disconnect between medium and method, it is time to fix the broken link.

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