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Active Voice Intensive – Solo Coaching in Voice Impact and Spoken Word Energy

Active Voice Intensive (previously known as ‘The Voice Intensive’ Series) is ideal for people who use their voices constantly at work.

The purpose of The Active Voice Intensive as a confidential, customised, solo coaching program is to get to know your voice intimately so that you:

  • find out how you can generate the best value and impact from your voice
  • know how to overcome current voice limitations and distracting habits
  • know how to preserve your voice when you are under pressure
  • identify how best to protect your voice in demanding environments
  • apply your voice with clarity, full capacity, confidence and courage each time you speak
The program consists of two 45 minute sessions running back-to-back on the same day as a solo event for individual candidates. This targeted learning event is supported with 2 online coaching sessions of 20 minutes each within the same calendar month as each candidate’s ‘Active Voice’ solo session.

In combination, your Active Voice Impact sessions give you the opportunity to appreciate and examine your voice and

  • experience its untapped potential as you focus on  its auditory impact and reach
  • identify the key factors that influence its preservation and projection
After all, your voice, as an influential tool in conversation and communication, must not let you down.

At the end of your customised learning series you will:

  • have increased your understanding of the mechanics of your voice
  • have identified the natural boundaries of your voice’s reach
  • have tapped into your voice’s capacity to be developed and enriched via safe, supportive techniques
  • be confident that you are able to support, sustain and leverage your voice’s innate power and its unique spoken word strengths whenever and wherever you speak
Past participants include area heads, business owners, technical specialists, business development managers and business relationship specialists who use their voices over the telephone, face-to-face, in meetings and when showcasing and pitching at industry events.

On completing your Active Voice Intensive Program, continue to advance your vocal impact via solo coaching sessions as required. This strategy enables you to sustain, adapt and expand your voice’s impact and reach throughout your career. 

At any stage in your career, revisit, review and refresh your Active Voice Intensive Strategies via a Voice-in-Delivery Solo Master Class. Use this approach to invigorate your vocal/verbal impact in the context of new, complex and evolving material that is relevant to your audiences at work.  Continue to expand your vocal skills.  Polish your style.  Apply delivery skills that enhance content uptake. Review and revise your vocal and verbal strategies, so that you are able to use your voice to create vivid word pictures that influence, convince and sell across your suite of communication tools.  Galvanise your spoken word impact via a solo Voice-in-Delivery Solo Master Class.  Submit your audio snapshot via the link on this page.