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About Yourself Audio Snapshot – Get Feedback from Voice Technique Coach Sandra Baigel

Hello! You’ve reached Voice & Word’s audio snapshot instructions.

This is your first step to increasing your appreciation of your voice, your spoken word expression and your delivery style choices.

As a voice technique coach, I use audio-snapshots to give my clients on-the-spot feedback on their voice development progress. It is a handy way for people to learn new skills and hear the changes they are making.

Your snapshot consists of a maximum of 3 minutes of you speaking on your chosen topic.  Here is what you can do!

  1. Prepare some information about yourself: your work, your interests or similar
  2. Include your name and your contact number with your message so that I can call you with your snapshot results
  3. Open your phone’s voice recorder and record a short audio message – remember to include your name and a contact phone number so that I can return your call

  4. Save your message and email it to me via

I have worked with thousands of people who have approached me as complete strangers. Across the board, past and current clients have:

  • increased their spoken word confidence and clarity
  • expanded and enhanced the impact of their voices when speaking
  • grown in stature and presence in their chosen professional fields
  • willingly and enthusiastically recommended my services to others

You have everything to gain in your life and your career by investing in your vocal prowess. Get started today. I look forward to hearing from you and chatting with you soon.

With thanks and best wishes,

Sandra Baigel

PS I was recently challenged by a client to submit my audio snapshot in order to break the ice with you. Here it is!