What do you know, recognise and celebrate about your voice?

How would you describe the current impact of your voice?

Are you alert to particular and potential situations in which your voice lets you down?

Do you know:

  • What works well in your unique voice?
  • How your current vocal impact can benefit from attending to specific vocal behaviours?
  • How you can address distracting voice habits in the moment and as you speak?

Sandra Baigel - Director of Voice & Word Pty Ltd

Sandra Baigel
Director of Voice & Word Pty Ltd


Now, consider this:

  • Where could your voice take you in 2, 6, 11 years?
  • How do you want to be heard, noticed and experienced in your professional environment?
  • How would you like to be seen, heard and remembered as your career progresses?
  • How do you manage your voice as an influencer and a leader in your field?
  • Are you ever concerned, puzzled or intrigued by other people’s responses to you?

Take action now to advance your voice’s unique potential:

  1. Uncover how to use your voice with confidence
  2. Review and revise your voice choices as your career evolves
  3. Confirm, enrich and consolidate your vocal leadership style
  4. Conquer and increase spoken word clarity and accuracy in professional contexts
  5. Explore and expand your vocal influence across professional contexts as a woman who leads, as a technical specialist, in sales and marketing roles

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