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Sandra Baigel Voice Coach

“Steeped in voice work as a child, I was encouraged by my parents, teachers and voice mentors to pursue interests in voice and the spoken word at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  There I studied English Language and Literature, Dramatic History and Voice in Performance. Before graduating, I made the decision to take this knowledge, experience and related voice and accent management skills into the business world.”

Hello, I’m Sandra Baigel founder and director of Voice & Word Pty Ltd.

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In 1993, I opened my practice in Voice Technique and Spoken Word Excellence in Australia. Since then, I have shown people from many different disciplines how to increase the impact of their unique voices and how to influence others via active, purpose-driven vocal expression.

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Voice & Word clients include entrepreneurs, executives, strategic leaders, topic and technical experts and managers in business, industry and the professions.

Embark on a solo executive coaching program with me and discover:

  • How to use your voice with purpose in spoken word contexts
  • How to inject your unique voice with presence and authority
  • How to use your voice with vigor when influencing, speaking and communicating
  • How to actively place your voice at the centre of every spoken word, no matter who you are, how you may sound or where you come from
  • How to ensure your voice is present, engaging and interesting. Always.

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Together, we can examine your voice, its current impact and its untapped potential. I look forward to hearing from you!