Know, Own and Sow Success – Your Voice in Sales Contexts

Close-upCallAs a sales person you rely on your telephone, your mobile device and a range of virtual conversation tools to stay in touch with current and prospective clients and customers.

You know how critical it is to build and sustain rapport with your contacts, potential clients and committed customers.

Your voice is central to your success. And building rapport via your voice, is an essential skill to identify and sustain, particularly when you cannot see them… and they can’t see you!

Whatever you do, whatever you say is carried by your voice in all its dimensions.

Know this: In the moment that you pick up reluctance, disinterest, push-back or stone-walling from your communication partner, your voice’s range, quality and tonal patterns are likely to change.

Also, the volume of your voice and speech clarity may alter; your delivery style and verbal expression could be affected as well.

These changes are motivated by physical responses to what you are thinking and feeling. They are present in an instant and difficult to undo once they have reached the ear of your communication partner.

Thus, it is to your strategic advantage as a salesperson to get to know your voice in all its moods and circumstances.

By knowing what drives your voice from moment to moment, by identifying how to say what needs to be said, you will be ahead of the pack when making initial sales contacts and following through sales conversations.

To help you achieve targets and increase your client base, consider this solution:

Developed and designed with sales people in mind, Know, Own and Sow Sales Success helps you to:

  • identify the unique strengths in your voice
  • use these strengths to build, sustain and expand rapport
  • clearly and confidently build client and customer relationships
  • hold attention via your voice to promote and sell with ease
  • use your voice to increase your sales power

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