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Know, Own and Show your Leadership Voice – for Women who Lead

Change is evident.   Transitions are challenging.  Each day, more women are visible in leadership positions in corporate, not-for-profit and small business environments.

As one of those women, now is time to Know, Own and Show your Leadership Voice.

Up to recent times, women were ‘rewarded’ for having ‘soft’, ‘light’, ‘pleasing’ and ‘gentle’ voices. These contrasted with ‘strong’, ‘deep’, ‘commanding’ and ‘forceful’ male voices.

Now, expectations have changed.  The human voice is increasingly aligned with its unique quality and impact rather than its inherent ‘female’ or ‘male’ qualities.

As a professional woman, it is critical that you take charge of your unique voice and its qualities in order to make the most of them. Learn how to lead with your voice for impact, influence and power.

VoicesSpeak1I am certain you are aware that prejudice against women’s voices continues.It is time to step into your future.

By taking charge of your voices, you and your female colleagues can break down erroneous beliefs about women, their leadership capacity and their voices in professional contexts.

Own a female voice that is strong, enduring and purposeful.  Use your voice with vitality and power.   Stand out from the crowd.  This custom-made, virtual program is open to women in leadership and women who aspire to leadership roles.

This is what you can expect from Know, Own and Show your Leadership Voice:

  • Uncover habits in voice and expression that restrict you and your vocal impact
  • Reduce and eliminate habits that damage your your impact as a leader who happens to be a woman
  • Let go of gender messages that influence your current voice behaviours
  • Improve assertiveness in your voice and language choices
  • Know how to use your voice with its fullness, strength and reach present in each conversation
  • Own your voice each time you speak in meetings and with clients
  • Show your voice leadership roles and in the Boardroom. Do this with clarity, capacity, confidence and courage, always

You can start with an audio snapshot  or set up a call with me. There is an additional link to the snapshot service alongside this.

YES.  You can increase and project your voice’s unique power in your position at work. Take action today!  I look forward to hearing from you.