Know, Own and Grow your Leadership Voice – for Technical Specialists

This program is designed for technical specialists who need to grow their leadership voices. These men and women must speak about relevant aspects of their field with clarity, confidence, certainty and purpose.

In most cases, they’ve started their careers as members of specialist teams. Subsequently, they advanced their technical skills to sophisticated levels and are now seen as ‘go-to’ people for their insight, experience and trouble-shooting capabilities.

For many, the challenge is to step away from their desk, reach beyond their comfort zone and take charge of the combination of clients, colleagues and technology to generate strategic solutions.

Their vocal challenges include:

  • ensuring that their messages are interpreted accurately by people who are less familiar with concepts, technology and their applications to clients’ solutions
  • showing how the technical aspects of the solution fit together in the process of its development
  • creating a balance between project scope and project detail
  • being engaging and approachable in their delivery style and voice behaviours
  • interpreting and responding to questions from others’ perspectives

The purpose of this program is to give participants the opportunity to:

  • identify the unique strengths they have in their voices
  • develop replicable, reliable strategies and skills in vocal and verbal behaviours
  • apply them to the messages that they must deliver at work
  • increase their ability to engage and influence with confidence, clarity and courage
  • build their capacity to engage, influence and lead internal and external stakeholders
  • be confident and at ease in challenging and difficult conversations

The ‘know’, ‘own’ and ‘grow’ voice development process takes participants through a series of structured steps that increase participants’ ability to use their voices with purpose in order to achieve strategic and practical outcomes with stakeholders.

Start by having a conversation with me or send me your audio snapshot.  You’ll find an additional link to the snapshot service alongside this.  YES.  You can increase and project your voice’s unique power to engage and influence at work. Take action today!

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